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> I thought Experimental Zeon suits are labelled as
> YMS-XX rather than MS-XXE? Then again, this _is_
> 0080..

The nomenclature in the Gundam world is pretty
arbitrary. Before 'Gundam Mechanics' series were
published, I never saw the "Y" prefix stuck to MS-15
Gann. But fair is fair, they added the Y to 0079's
Gann & 0083's Zammel to acknowledge they are
prototypes not being mass produced.

> Generally speaking, I'll assume these have poorer
> performance than the E version, probably with
> in equipment too.

Change/adjust in equippments, yes, but poorer
performance? not necessary. In Zaku II series, F is
the original space type, J is for ground type, D is
for desert type, & K is for Zaku Cannon, & so on. They
all adjusted for different combat environments & can
not be compared w/ one another. Unless, of course, you
are comparing the regular cannon fodder F & Char's Red
Comet S type, than S is better than F because S is the
advance model of F.

> BTW, what ever happened to Chris Mckenzie? I don't
> think any other series ever documented her again,
> right?

Guess again! She reappears in the "SD Gundam's
Counterattack" TV show in 1989, this time as the
grumpy matchmaker in a dating show along w/ her
co-host, SD Bernie Wiseman. :)

Colin Liu.
"You shall withness the tears of an era."
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