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>>> I would have given it something other than
>>> shotguns... perhaps a beam rifle like the one
>>> Gelgoog J has.

>> but it's not practical & economical for heavy
>> purpose.
> For me, I would have given the Kampfer the 0083
> Gelgoog F or F/s Beam MG. That seems a logical
> compromise.

In 0083 OVA, MS-14F Gelgoog Marine used only the 90mm
machine guns because the Delaz fleet was
Cima's MS-14Fs Gelgoog Commander Type uses a high
powered beam rifle more in line of 0080's Gelgoog J.
So the precision beam rifle won't fit into Kampfer's
game plan, & the machine gun is not powerful enough
for heavy attack purpose.

> But doesn't Zeon beam weapons also run off E-caps?
or > do they charge straight from the reactors?

the E-cap was invented AFTER the OYW, so Kampfer's
beam firearms, if any will have to be charged from
MS's reactors.

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