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> We were discussing how to keep the Kampfer's
> cost down, so the most logical (not necessarily the
> best) way is to reduce the manveurability.

but speed & agility are Kampfer's strongest selling
points. instead of downgrading the above, why not
deploy the Rick Dom II which can do the heavy attack
just as good. Obviously, the Zeons r looking to build
something intended but cannot achieved by the Dom
series, & Kampfer is the result.

> Maybe the presence of Rick Doms as a standard MS is
> why Kampfers are limited production models?

RDII are good but Kampfer achieve what the Zeon wants
to do, similar to the reason why Dom series were
developed to replace Zaku II on Eath-bound ground
warfare: hovering around is better than running /
jet-assisted jumping on both feet.

>> But remember that the original 120mm Zaku machine
>> gun didn't make a dent on Amuro's RX-78 in 0079.

> Isn't it more like Amuro kept dodging the rounds? Or

> taking it on the shield?

In 0079 TV/movies, the RX-78 took the 120mm bullets
directly, & nothing happened.

> ... the Cyclops team had no intention of putting too

> many holes in the colony walls. They had no
> of killing the colony, just killing the Gundam.

& they never expected someone will pilot the NT-1 &
fight back. They were expecting NT-1 as a unpiloted
setting duck.

>> The 'E' stands for 'Experimental'...

> I think we covered in another thread that the
> is _not_ an experimental MS. It is at least a
> production MS, since in the kit manual there is a
> picture of the true experimental model labelled as
> MS-18, whereas the one in the OVA is labelled
> I think it will be the same story for the Zugock-E..

> These are upgraded version of the OYW MS, but hardly

> experimental or prototypes.

'Experimental' doesn't necessary mean they are
prototypes (as our Z mentioned earlier). A handful of
Zugock-E & Kampfer were produced, for the duel
purposes of combat & gathering data for further R&D.
In many official Gundam's data & manuals for 0080
mechas, u'll find that this 'E stand for experimental'
is indeed correct.

Colin Liu.
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