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> > but that rule certainly does not apply in Japan, if you know what I
> It doesn't? I don't know too much about Japanese culture or
> expect from anime. Does anyone know of any sites that tell about the
> culture and/or government? I will great appreciate any help.

The Japanese have been doing a complete rewrite of their history books
for the
past 10 - 15 years. The biggest revision is their accounting of World War
II. Most
of their books paints them as the victims of American agression and their
attack on Pearl Harbor as an unfortunate accident. In thier new history
such events as the Bataan Deathmarch, their version of POW camps, the
Rape of
Nanking, and several other atrocities the Japanese Army committed have
been glossed over or completely erased. Their revisionism has gone so far
even their government officials seem to believe it now, witness that one
of their
recent Prime Ministers made a statement that the Rape of Nanking didn't
and that it is something the Chinese have trumped up.
To write the history books such that your government is placed in a good
is one thing, to rewrite the books such that the worst atrocities
committed by your
government are referred to as lies by your enemies or events that never
occured is
something else.

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