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> In a certain sense, that is incorrect. I have had some japanese students
> and frineds who actually made it a point to go out of Japan just to ask
> people exactly what Japanese schools were NOT teaching, like the Rape of
> Nanking, the part of Japan in the WWII, and the Korean Occupation. SOme of
> my Japanese friends say that they do know about these, but there are some
> who don't. I don't know if that is due to the type of school that they go
> to, or if it's a sign of factionalism within their own educational system.
> To give you an idea, a young friend of mine was horrified to find out
> about the atrocities that the Japanese military committed here in the
> Philippines in WWII. All he had heard about it he said, was that some
> Japanese soldiers had aberrant behavior here in the Philippines. He did
> not hear about the "Bataan Death March" nor did he know about the comnfort
> women, or the destruction of certain historic documents.

Thanks for clearing that up. As I don't know much about Japanese culture, I
really didn't know.


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