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>Insofar as I know, the E in MS-18E stands for Experimental, just as it does
>in the MSM-07/E Zugock. But here's no reason why there couldn't have been
>a limited production run (say, half a dozen) of experimental models, each
>with a slightly different mix of weapons.

        Fair enough.. Still, they don't look too Experimental to me. =)
        I thought Experimental Zeon suits are labelled as YMS-XX rather than
MS-XXE? Then again, this _is_ 0080..

>Again, I don't believe there were any A, B, C or D versions, just the
>prototype (one-off) and a handful of experimental models.
        I know. =) We can pretend though..=) Generally speaking, I'll assume
these have poorer performance than the E version, probably with changes in
equipment too.

>Oh, yeah, and I perversely refer to the Federation HQ in the
>Amazon as "Diablo" and hew to the Gundam 0080 UNT designations rather than
>the new (and truer to the original) EFSF. I cut my teeth on Z Gundam's
>EUG/AEUG nomenclature and prefer Z and 0080 over the original. Bite me,
>fanboy. (^_^);

        Hey, they'll have two to bite here. =) I think EFSF is a mouthful to
say compared to UNT. =)

        BTW, what ever happened to Chris Mckenzie? I don't think any other
series ever documented her again, right?

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