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>> Actually, it's not even assembled yet. I'm working on my MG Zaku II
>>right now..
> As a practice target for the Kampfer? ^_^

        Since it's about half again as large as the Kampfer, it would make a
wonderful target. =)

> Well, the body of evidence seems to be that the green one is the
>prototype, but it just seems so strange - the (possible) production
>Kampfer looks like parts are *missing*, due to the number of exposed
>bolts and things on the surface, whereas the green Kampfer looks like it
>has additional equipment hidden under the surface...

        Maybe that's why. Experimental MS tend to have all those
"interesting" equipment, which are taken out to keep cost down in production
models.. Case in point, the RX-78 and the RGM-79.

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