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>> ... You'll have to take away some of
>> the thrusters and verniers to cut cost down.
>but by doing so will downgrade Kampfer to Rick Doms,

        We were discussing how to keep the Kampfer's cost down, so the most
logical (not necessarily the best) way is to reduce the manveurability.

        Maybe the presence of Rick Doms as a standard MS is why Kampfers are
limited production models?

>But remember that the original 120mm Zaku machine gun
>didn't make a dent on Amuro's RX-78 in 0079. Judging

        Isn't it more like Amuro kept dodging the rounds? Or taking it on
the shield? I've just read the novels, not the actual OVA/TV series, so I
won't really know.

>90mm machine gun is not possible 'cos it's too bulky
>for the truck & it takes time to load the magazine;

        Point. Still, I think Bernie was hoping to get the 2nd truck,
implying that whatever it contains will probably give him a better chance
against NT1.

>nor a beam rifle as Kampfer's energy will be close
>to depletion by that time.

        I think another consideration is that the Cyclops team had no
intention of putting too many holes in the colony walls. They had no
intention of killing the colony, just killing the Gundam. So having a beam
rifle as a backup weapon is illogical from their POV, and hence I think it
will be either a 90mm or a shotgun.

>The 'E' stands for 'Experimental', as Zugock-E &
>Kampfer are both experimental/prototype mechas, far
>superior than the previous models (in case of

        I think we covered in another thread that the Kampfer is _not_ an
experimental MS. It is at least a limited production MS, since in the kit
manual there is a picture of the true experimental model labelled as MS-18,
whereas the one in the OVA is labelled MS-18E. I think it will be the same
story for the Zugock-E.. These are upgraded version of the OYW MS, but
hardly experimental or prototypes.

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