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On 10 Jun 99, at 17:52, Edward Ju wrote:

> If you got the stomach for it, I am sure folks like Jim Huang can enlighten
> you on the details such as raping and pillaging and "body experiments"
> they inflicted upon their helpless victims...

Well, since members of my family was in Imperial Japanese Army, I
think I am not the right person to speak on this subject. Except that
if there were pillaging, they missed it. I sometime wished they had
brought back some, to compensate for the lands Chinese took away
from my family after the war, under the guise of "land-reform". Most
members of my family who were in the Imperial Japanese army
served in Manchuria, mostly quite and peaceful during the war.
Only one (elder brother of my maternal grandfather) got out from
Harbin, attached to regimental headquater as translator. It was
removed from frontline enough that his wife was allowed to join him.
Two of my mother's cousin were born in China.

They didn't talk about them much, except how abusive Chinese
people were to them during and after the war. And recently, how
Japanese government is still refusing to take responsibile(Backpay,
account in military postal deposit, disability/survior benefit.) for
Taiwanese veterans of Imperial Japanese Army. I mean, even U.S.
is beginning to address some issue for Filipino veterans who fought
under U.S. during WWII, who were mostly volunteers not draftees
If Japanese government is to treat all verterans it drafted equally, the
amount owed to Taiwanese and Koreans verterans will likely equal to
if not greater than Jewish deposit in Swiss banks. Another
underreported injustice from WWII if you ask me.

I know I sound a little cranky. But I had been feedup with the
Chinese notion that it's shameful for Taiwanese to be in Japanese
military. It they don't like it, they shouldn't had signed Treaty of
Shimonoseki, making Taiwanese Japanese citizens subject to
Japanese draft.

Jim Huang

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