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>By the way - there is nothing "un-manly" about male homosexuality. Being
>homosexual has nothing to do with whether you are "masculine" or "manly".

The business of male homosexuals being sissies comes from characterizing
all homesexual men as being the male who plays the female role. (By the
way, the term "punk" was originally prison parlance for such a male and was
considered a deadly insult.) That's like thinking of all female
homosexuals as being masculine. But for every "butch" or "dyke" lesbian,
there's a "cupcake" or "sweetheart" who's as feminine as can be -- the only
difference between her and the girl next door is that she's going out with
the girl across the street. Similarly, you'll find no more masculine
person on the face of the Earth than a male homosexual who plays the male
role. "Macho, Macho Man!"

And you'll find no one as homophobic as the man who's unsure of his
masculinity and fears for his place in the pecking order.

Sort of makes you wonder about Monsha, doesn't it? Maybe all that
in-your-face lechery is all just a front....


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