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At 23:07 6/10/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>>> It seems very strange. The green model has less surface detail
>>>visible over its service, suggesting (to me) that its been simplified
>>>for production... oh, well, wouldn't be the first time Gundam mecha
>>>haven't made sense... ^_^
>> Maybe it's just a bare bones design, and then they tack on details
>>as necessary?
> Well, the body of evidence seems to be that the green one is the
>prototype, but it just seems so strange - the (possible) production
>Kampfer looks like parts are *missing*, due to the number of exposed
>bolts and things on the surface, whereas the green Kampfer looks like it
>has additional equipment hidden under the surface...

Ah, but you forget, the Japanese have a different concept of "prototype"
than we do. Where we view a prototype as a proof-of-concept vehicle with
minimal features, they view a prototype as an archetype, the masterpiece
with all the bells and whistles, which is scaled down by economics and
practicality for the production model.

Gundam was the prototype, GM was the production model.

A Kämpfer Prototype should be fully-loaded, with power steering, factory
air-conditioning and anti-lock brakes....


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