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>wonder sometimes, though...we Gundam fans unserstand the complexity and
>bleakness, as well as the human suffering that is routinely shown in
>Gundam...but what about the people just tuning in? Could it be that they
>are really just seeing it as chaos?

Unless you're all watching it in Japanese, a lot depends on how well it was
translated in Tagalog.

You can use those pictures to tell quite a different story is you don't
make an effort to tell the story behind the words. As noted in earlier
posts, even a very literal translation can lose the meaning, so you almost
have to know what isn't being said as much as what is -- and convey that to
the target audience.

And if you don't even *try* -- well, a case in point would be the dubbed
versus the subtitled versions on Gundam. Same picture, but a vastly
different story!


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