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>> Like they say, the victor gets to write the history books...
>> but that rule certainly does not apply in Japan, if you know what I mean.
>It doesn't? I don't know too much about Japanese culture or government,
>expect from anime. Does anyone know of any sites that tell about the
>culture and/or government? I will great appreciate any help.

        In a certain sense, that is incorrect. I have had some japanese students
and frineds who actually made it a point to go out of Japan just to ask
people exactly what Japanese schools were NOT teaching, like the Rape of
Nanking, the part of Japan in the WWII, and the Korean Occupation. SOme of
my Japanese friends say that they do know about these, but there are some
who don't. I don't know if that is due to the type of school that they go
to, or if it's a sign of factionalism within their own educational system.
        To give you an idea, a young friend of mine was horrified to find out
about the atrocities that the Japanese military committed here in the
Philippines in WWII. All he had heard about it he said, was that some
Japanese soldiers had aberrant behavior here in the Philippines. He did
not hear about the "Bataan Death March" nor did he know about the comnfort
women, or the destruction of certain historic documents.

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