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>> From: Justin Palmer <justin@briareos.demon.co.uk>
>> I came across an interesting theory about why these characters
>> are so popular in Japan the other day... I'm not exactly sure how to put
>> this politely, lets just say that at certain times in Japanese history,
>> samurai were not quite as, er, manly, as legend would have us believe...
>> ^_^
>Or, of course, the idea of male homosexual activity was not considered
>un-manly. Many warrior cultures encourage such activity as a way of forging
>a stronger bond between potential soldier-mates. It just wasn't weird to
>them, is all...

        First an apology - manly was the not quite the word I was
looking for, I just couldn't think of an alternative that meant more
what was I trying to get at.
        Recently, I've heard some things about the ancient Greeks
recently that raised an eyebrow, saw an Indian temple in a documentary
that the Church of England would definitely not approve, and saw a
programme about brothels - ancient Roman ones. They certainly didn't
teach me any of that in history. ^_^

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