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>> ...Kampfer is developed specifically for blitzkrieg

>> heavy attack.
> that case, if it were really designed for
> that, If I wanted to improve its performance without

> making it too expensive, I would have given it
> something other than shotguns...perhaps a beam
> rifle like the one Gelgoog J has.

MS-14JG Gelgoog J is a.k.a. "Gelgoog Sniper", as its
tailor-made high power beam rifle implies it's a top
of the line MS. In 0080 OVA we saw Gelgoog J + a
skilled pilot can do wonders in MS close combat, but
it's not practical & economical for heavy attack
purpose. I think if Kampfer is to be equipped w/ a
beam firearms, it will either be 1) a simple 'beam
shotgun', capable of firing slow but dense beam energy
to create greater damage area than beam rifle
(Sazabi's Beam Shot Rifle & F91's Beam Bazooka are
good examples of this technology can possibly be
achieved in OYW era, given more time & money of
course); or 2) a high-powered Beam Spray Gun like the
one used by RGM-79GS GM Commando Space Type in 0080.
This should give Kampfer a good punching power w/o
depleting too much energy reserves.

> ...The chain mine is probably the only weird one,
> but what I would have given for that to have been
> replaced by a long hand weapon like a beam lance or
poleaxe...that, with the Kampfer's speed would have
> been deadly in close combat...the NT1 would have had

> its arms sliced off.

The lesson was learnt 8 years too late, when we saw
(Haman Khan) Neo-Zeon's AMX-009 Dreissen equipped w/
beam lancer... Maybe the Zeon wasn't aware of the
usefulness of RX-78's beam javelin.

> ... it is true that the armor was weak, but they
> could have used armor angling to make it just a
> leeeeetle bit more survivable...much like the angle
> of tank plates help it deflect some attacks as well
> as give a longer cross section for the projectile to

> go through.

Kampfer's chest, where the cockpit is located, is
quite anglar & has additional armor to protect the
pilot. It should be fine when facing Feds's small-arms
& shells fire jeeps & tanks but when facing shots from
MSs (be that Gundam or GMs), however, I'll pray for
the steel armor miraculously turned into Luna Titanium
armor (or even better, Gundarium alloy) if i am the MS

Colin Liu.
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