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>Or, of course, the idea of male homosexual activity was not considered
>un-manly. Many warrior cultures encourage such activity as a way of forging
>a stronger bond between potential soldier-mates. It just wasn't weird to
>them, is all...
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Exactly what I alluded to in my response to the first post. I was thinking
of Alexander the Great and his chief general (can't for the life of me
remember his name) who were considered lovers all the way through the wars
(after?). To me it's not a big leap to see Heero in the same relationship
with Duo. I can't say the same for Turn A, because I don't know the
characters yet.

By the way - there is nothing "un-manly" about male homosexuality. Being
homosexual has nothing to do with whether you are "masculine" or "manly".


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