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> ... reducing the armour on a Kampfer (IMO) won't
> really reduce costs. You'll have to take away some
> the thrusters and verniers to cut cost down.

but by doing so will downgrade Kampfer to Rick Doms,
as less power output also reduced its maximum weapon
load, & Kampfer's effectiveness lies on its mid-range
in which destructions (bazookas & panzer fausts), not
precision (beam rifles), is emphazied here.

> 1. The Kampfer can use a Zaku's Heat Hawk... has an
> energy link to the Heat Hawk, or that the Heat Hawk
> is self-powered.

i don't think Zeon's heat weapons are self-powered as
Gundam's beam sabres (as demonstrated by GP02 in
0083), but since Kampfer has beam sabres, it probably
has auxiliary thermal link on its palms to 'heat it

> ...If what I think is true, that will also imply
> the Kampfer can use the Zeon standard MMP-80 90mm
> SMG... not bad for a full load out, ne? =)

But remember that the original 120mm Zaku machine gun
didn't make a dent on Amuro's RX-78 in 0079. Judging
from the chuck set-ups & the logical flow of Cyclops
Team's plan, it should be some kind of anti-MS weapons
other than Chain-Mines, such as the cracker grenades,
or as you said, another spare shotgun for Kampfer to
try his luck if all things fail :) 90mm machine gun is
not possible 'cos it's too bulky for the truck & it
takes time to load the magazine; nor a beam rifle as
Kampfer's energy will be close to depletion by that
> BTW, does the E in MS-18E stands for Espionage? I
> mean, a lot of the suits used by Cyclops team had E
> in them..

The 'E' stands for 'Experimental', as Zugock-E &
Kampfer are both experimental/prototype mechas, far
superior than the previous models (in case of
& being thrown into the fire near the end of OYW.

Colin Liu.
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