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> Funny, I had gotten the idea that it was more for
> being a spearhead for advancing forces...with its
> speed and loads of armament.

You are right on the money. Kampfer is developed
specifically for blitzkrieg and heavy attack.

> (weapons) About five of them, while costing quite a
> lot, could have inflicted major damage, specially if

> they were to catch the enemy unaware.

With the exception of shotguns, all the weapons (the
bazookas & the panzer fausts) r use commonly one or
another by Rick Dom IIs, Gelgoogs, & Zakus so costs
should be within the Zeon's expectations. As for the
Chain-Mines, i suspect it is used by Zeon MSs
(epsecially by experienced pilots) before Kampfer was
developed but not as common & cost-effective as the
'Cracker' grenades. & since the shotguns r the
scale-up version of human firearms (w/ alternations &
improvements of course), the cost of Kampfer is mostly
the R&D cost for the MS itself.

> Well, the costs could be kept down simplifying some
> of the systems,

The cost was already lowered when we saw Kampfer using
just shell-firing firearms. Remember its only beam
weapons are a pair of beam sabres.

> or perhaps reshaping armor plates on certain parts
> production costs will go down...little things here
> and there can add up. And there would be just a
> little drop-off in performance, ideally.

The trade-off for high-mobility, high power-output &
heavy weapon capacity for Kampfer its weak armor, as
it demonstrates in 0080 OVA. & since none of Zeon
mechas has Luna Titanium as their armors, the safety
of pilots was dependent on pilot's skill to dodge
bullets & beams!

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