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>For absolute beginners, would you say 0080 or 08MST kits are easier or
>harder then the GW/GG/GX that you recommend? I have done many 0080 and
>08MST, but I probably will never do GW/GG/GX. So I have to rely on ppl
>who have done both to rate the newbie-friendliness.
>CHIN, Chien Ting

        Hmmm..I seriously think that the problem here is that the GW/GX/GG stuff
were made to be as simple as possible...easy to assemble, but also a bit
lacking in the satisfaction department. these kits are about the simplest
one can make them, more of a toy to be assembled than most other Gundam
Kits. The 08MS stuff, and the EW stuff are more intricate, and definitely
would be more fun to build, but is slightly more difficult, because of the
inclusion of some very small parts. The 0080 kits ae very nice, and I
would think that the RickDom and the ZakuFZ would make fine introductory
kits. the NT1 is not that good, and I seriously think that the worst they
can get from the series is the Kampfer and the Gelgoog, owing to the
inherent problems of these kits (color and hip joints, respectively). The
V series would also be fine for beginners, but those elbow joints have to
be looked out for.

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