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Richie Ramos wrote:
People, this is an article clipped from the Philippine daily inquirer; just
read it....
I wanted to write a response to it, but in the climate of this country, I
would be seen as perfect proof of how BAD anime is.

        From Army Sta. Ana of Sampaloc, Manila.  " I would lke to comment on why
Gundam Wing is not getting as much publicity as Voltes V and Daimos.

First of all, Voltes V got all the attention because of the stupid "alien" thingie a show was promoting.
Then Daimos came along and the ignorant people who didn't know a thing about anime worshipped it because
it was a bit like Voltes V. Those people don't have good taste because the drawings of gundam wing are much better
and modern and they didn't know what anime was. Almost all the commoners love Voltes V here... because the show that promoted it was the local yuckie corny show.
simple:  Voltes V and Daimos were denied their right to continue airing
during the Marcos Dictatorship.  That's why viewers who were affected by
the ban want to know what really happened to their favorite series.
        "On the other hand, the Gundam Wing series is lucky because it's been
introduced in a freer era.  And few Filipinos (other than anime buffs and
cable subscribers) have heard of Gundam until now.  In other words, Voltes
V and Daimos are established shows, while Gundam Wing is not.
Because Gundam Wing is shown at a time when almost all the people in the world are busy.
4:30 pm.  Almost all the kids are in school or outside hanging out, while Voltes V is shown during night time.
        If you're going to ask me which animes I prefer, I'd choose Voltes V and
That's because that person is an oldie and loves old series with crappy love stories in it. (and corny humour)
These two shows have some things in common--twisted, complex
stories, mecha battles and wars.  But the difference is that Voltes V and
Daimos don't lose their respective focus (voltes V, slavery and family
drama; Daimos, love story and prejudice between races), while Gundam Wing
has no definite focus.
Oh yes it does. I bet the person who wrote this stupid article is an idiot who says things without even researching a bit.
She/he doesn't even know what Gundam Wing is about.... that's coz she/he never bothered to give it a chance or atleast watch the whole series before judging it.
        "Other plus points of the two shows that GUndam Wing is short of:
aesthetics, human interest, normally humane outlook.  On the characters:
sensible seriousness, humanist pluck and reasonable humor.  People fighting
each other for no reasonable cause is all I see in Gundam Wing, what is all
that for?

        Of course, Mr./Ms. Sta. Ana ignores the fact that Bandai just made a
killing in selling gundam merchandise here...and that VOltesV and Daimos
are generally reviled by a whole generation of teenagers as something
"their baduy (out-of-fashion) older siblings and cousins" would watch.  I
wonder sometimes, though...we Gundam fans unserstand the complexity and
bleakness, as well as the human suffering that is routinely shown in
Gundam...but what about the people just tuning in?  Could it be that they
are really just seeing it as chaos?

Voltes V wouldn't be such a hit here if it weren't for the stupid "alien" thing the stupid corny and common people
made up.... they are SOO dumb... (ignorant)

"Magic is the hand of faith..."

Richard Ramos
Svengali, Artificer and Spellcrafter

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