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> Funny, I had gotten the idea that it was more for being a spearhead for
>advancing forces...with its speed and loads of armament. About five of
>them, while costing quite a lot, could have inflicted major damage,
>specially if they were to catch the enemy unaware.

        It might have been, but it probably won't be assigned to a regular
line unit as a standard MS. It'll probably be assigned to an elite unit
(Think Kampfers in Black Trinary colours..=) to do precisely what you
suggested, or to SpecOps teams like the Cyclops team to run around in the
opponent's back lines creating havoc.

> Well, the costs could be kept down simplifying some of the systems, or
>perhaps reshaping armor plates on certain parts so production costs will go
>down...little things here and there can add up. And there would be just a
>little drop-off in performance, ideally.

        I don't think 0080 ever talked about how good the armour on the
Kampfer is. I mean, before it engages NT1, it never got hit! (^_^).. and
then NT1 perforated the Kampfer with 90mm rounds at close range, so you
don't really get an idea how effective the Kampfer armour is.

        Personally speaking, I think the Kampfer's armour is actually
limited, as a result of it's emphasis on speed and manuverability. So
reducing the armour on a Kampfer (IMO) won't really reduce costs. You'll
have to take away some of the thrusters and verniers to cut cost down.

        Another thing is we don't really know the Kampfer's full armament.
We do know the Kampfer can use the following:

        Shotguns (x2)
        Bazookas (x2)
        Panzerfaust (x2)
        Beam Saber (x?)
        Chain Mines (x1)

        But of the 3 container trucks left by the Cyclops team, 1 held the
Chain Mines, 1 held a Heat Hawk and ammunition/explosives, and 1 was
confiscated by the Feds without us knowing the contents. This implies a few

        1. The Kampfer can use a Zaku's Heat Hawk, since the Cyclops team
didn't do anything (or maybe didn't even know about) Bernie's crashed FZ.
This also implies either the Kampfer has an energy link to the Heat Hawk, or
that the Heat Hawk is self-powered.

        2. The reloads in the Heat Hawk truck implies that there is another
weapon. Whether the reloads is for the shotguns or another weapon, well, I
can't remember is Al ever talked about the calibur, so..

        3. The Unknown Truck: This is a mystery to us (unless someone
already unravelled to share? =). I think the last truck contained a
projectile/ballistic weapon, probably either another shotgun or a 90mm SMG.
This makes sense somewhat: The Kampfer can either lure its target to the
Chain Mines or Heat Hawk to blow/chop it to bits, or it could retreat to the
third truck and pick up another projectile weapon to continue.

        If what I think is true, that will also imply that the Kampfer can
use the Zeon standard MMP-80 90mm SMG... not bad for a full load out, ne? =)
        BTW, does the E in MS-18E stands for Espionage? I mean, a lot of the
suits used by Cyclops team had E in them..

> The reason why I'm asking this is because we're about to play an RPG set
>in the gundam Kampfer is kinda like a hot item to
>the other players, but since we do follow the timeline, we can't have the
>Original one, so we were wondering how it would be if there were GM-type
>versions of it.

        Which timeline are you using? I'm guessing either early 0079 (in
which case you can use the prototype YMS-18, or even use MS-18A, B, C and D
if they exists..=) or late 0081/0082 or even 0083 (in which case you can
pull together a SpecOps team of Kampfers).

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