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[Since it contain plot points that's not even aired in Japan yet, all of
it should be considered as spoiler and treated as such.]



Turn-A Iteams

- Diana Soleru doesn't has much real political power. More of the
idol/figurehead type in the tradition of Bella Ronah/Pure Amonia.
We don't know who has the real power yet.

- During the reception at peace talk, alledgely there are member of
Diana Counter dress in militia uniform(supposely with assistance
from certain faction within militia) tried to assasinate Diana Soleru.
Seems Colonel Aji bite it instead. Seems there are people on both
side who are againist peaceful solution.

- In other Nadeshico-like point, it seems most of the Earth is still not
suitable for human habititation.(Outside of Norse Ameria and Garia)
Polution is still being cleaning up by Nano-machines in the soil.

- Concerning the recent discussing on Loren's sexuality: The
mysterous girl in the OP turned out to be Loren in drag. Loren
attended the reception at peace talk in drag and know as Laura.
Laura seems to be introduced as the pilot of Gundam, and that fact
became well-know. The Laura=Loren connection is not a public

- Mark make comment that Harry Ord may be the Char of the show,
I think he may turn out to be the Jerid Mesa of Turn-A. Seems he
has some personal-interest in Gundam's pilot, Laura.

- Finally, someone called Turn-A a Gundam. Colen, a pilot who just
came out of hybernation capsule. It's not clear to me which side he
is on. Or whose side he was fighting with before the freeze him.
But he was on the opposing side with the Gundam.

- Colonel Mihal, disobeyed Gwen and picked a fight with Diana
Counter. Knox is gone. Igerisss Fief more or less gone with it.

- With his powerbase gone, Gwen is ploting for a return. He is
getting close to the daugher of lord of Lushana Fief.(The Kirishina of
the Turn-A, I guess)

- Diana meet a young man named Will. His family had been digging
for spaceships for generations. Supposely, one of his forefather fell
for some woman from moon(who than returned to the moon after the
encounter, I guess.) So sounds like they are hoping to go to the
moon for a reunion. Reminds me of some old Japanese myth.

- Earth side will digg up spaceship of their own.

- MS Eagle make its appearance. Can't say I like it.

- Newtype is inviting submission from its readers on which MS
should be unearthed next. People can write essay on why their
favorite should be unearthed. I am not sure if this event is run in
conjuncation with Sunrise. But Newtype did got fan-designed
dresses(For Miki, Arimi, Meiko) on "Marmalade Boy", and other fan
submissions into actural anime before.

G-Savior Items:

- Good news, the plot of the trailer we saw at AX98 seems had been
changed into something else.

- Bad news, the new plot doesn't seem to be much better.

- In UC 0223, the environment of Earth had degraded to fatally bad.
Cecia, young female scientist, researching for a cure in Space
colony, Side Gaia, sneaking back to Earth for unknow reason.
Earth Congress Army pilot Mark Karan recused her party who
suffer an accident. Earth Congress Army announce the event as an
one-sided invasion from Side Gaia. Mark is confused, he requested
a meeting with Cecia and lend a hand in her escape. Mark Karen
has his GF Mimi, a member of ECA intel. searching the classfied
files for him. They discovered a secret invasion plan againist Side
Gaia. The hidden force behind the move is Govenor Ganoo, who
seek to became the next president. To stop him, Mark and co. went
to space, and awaiting them is .....

- It will debut in upcoming Okinawa American Shot Shot Film Fest.
at June 18. It will be the English version. A TV boardcast is TBA.

Jim Huang

P.S., for those of you who care, than moved up the horoscope from
back to the middle of the magazine. Over the years, they have the
most accurate horoscope for me among all the Anime magazines.

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