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>> Of course, Mr./Ms. Sta. Ana ignores the fact that Bandai just made a
>>killing in selling gundam merchandise here...and that VOltesV and Daimos
> Using Gundam Wing as a basis for damning the Gundam series is not
>right. GW is not exactly the best Gundam series to watch. Maybe the reviewer
>should get more data before he/she writes an article.

        actually, it's this !!$##!$% columnist who likes to print letters from his
fans which reflect his points of view. He's not very much listened to by
the younger crowd, but the older ones...that's why I know even if I write a
reply, he won't print it.
        on the other doing the bare bones planning for what will
eventually be a regular anime fest in one of the theater/malls...hope it

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