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>Now before I say anything, I am not trying to be homophobic, I am just making
>an observation.
>In the new episode (9) of turn A Gundam, the antagonist (Sgt. Coren) is
>wearing a skin tight outfit with what looks like the symbol for man right on
>top of his you know what. And then there is the whole Loran/Lora thing? I
>dunno it just seemed kinda like they are projecting a lot of seemingly gay

If anything, this is probably just an expression of the "bishonen"
(literally, "beautiful boy") tradition in anime. Bishonen is more than
just pretty boys, it's sexually ambiguous or androgynous characters who
keep both the other characters and the audience guessing, gender-wise.
Examples include Berg Katz in Gatchaman, Yellow Belmont in Mospeada (AKA
Lancer/Yellow Dancer in Robotech) and Ladios Thorpe (AKA Amaterasu) in Five
Star Stories.

On the one hand, bishonen seems to be a carryover of the "onnagata" (female
impersonator) school of Japanese theater. On the other hand, it seems to
fit in with another tradition of having two male characters act out girls'
fantasies in a "safe" fashion. This is called "yaoi" and it seems to have
been introduced to Gundam in a big way with Gundam Wing, although there was
a hint of it with Char and Garma in the original Gundam.


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