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>Richie Ramos wrote:
>> Could be worse...seen Escaflowne? Dilandau and his DragonSlayers?
>Huh, I wouldn't want to spoil you Escaflowne but I guess you haven't
>seen the whole series, have you? Because if you did, you wouldn't say

        I must admit, the first time I saw Dilandau, my first thought
was is that a he, she, or what?! Later events help settle that, but
still... Of course, characters of ambiguous sexuality aren't exactly
uncommon in anime - just to pick one of many possible examples, I
believe the US (and German) version of Sailor has at least one character
who has changed gender from male to female so as not to offend anyone
with their antics/appearance...
        I came across an interesting theory about why these characters
are so popular in Japan the other day... I'm not exactly sure how to put
this politely, lets just say that at certain times in Japanese history,
samurai were not quite as, er, manly, as legend would have us believe...
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