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> Good question: I know that the Kampfer was some sort of heavy attack MS
>with some sort of special modifications for ground combat, but if it were
>being mass-produced, what would have been its role eventually? and could
>all the kicks of the prototype, as it were, have been tranferred to a
>mass-production version?

        I _don't_ think the Kampfer is ever intended for mass production.
It's probably a limited production model for commanders, aces and special
forces. You have to look at the armaments to understand why. If the
Kampfer's shotguns follow standard Gundam scaling, it'll contain about 8
rounds per gun, which equals 16 shots total.. while each shot will shred
just about any MS at that time era, 16 shots is insufficient for a battle.
        For a "combat" Kampfer, the shotguns will probably be replaced by
the MMP-80 90mm SMG used by the Zaku IIs. And most of the high performance
will probably be reduced to keep costs down. I don't particularly see the
Kampfer as being _cheap_.

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