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>>>In the new episode (9) of turn A Gundam, the antagonist (Sgt. Coren) is
>>>wearing a skin tight outfit with what looks like the symbol for man right
>>>top of his you know what. And then there is the whole Loran/Lora thing? I
>>>dunno it just seemed kinda like they are projecting a lot of seemingly gay
>> Gundam Wing/Endless Waltz sets a powerful precedent for that with the are
>>they/are they not of Quattre and Trowa, as well as the antagonistic but
>>charming relationship of Duo/Heero...later on, it's Duo/Quattre a bit.
>>It's no surprise that they would continue that in TurnA, if they want to
>>capture ALL possible markets.
>>Richard Ramos

        Could be worse...seen Escaflowne? Dilandau and his DragonSlayers? yikers.

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