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> No. It was designated MS-18E, so it's at least a limited production
>model. Remember as Bernie walked across the catwalk to his first meeting
>with the Cyclops team, we see a half completed Kampfer? That could be the
>one used later, or could be another MS all together. Furthermore, in the
>0080 kit, there was a drawing of the prototype of the Kampfer, IIRC. The one
>is the OVA is actually quite far down the production line already.
>Lim Jyue

        Good question: I know that the Kampfer was some sort of heavy attack MS
with some sort of special modifications for ground combat, but if it were
being mass-produced, what would have been its role eventually? and could
all the kicks of the prototype, as it were, have been tranferred to a
mass-production version?

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