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> >Hey guys, thanks for letting me in. I'm new to the
> >gundam world and will love any tidbits of info you
> >have to offer. If anyone knows about an electronic
> >warfare mech, I'd love to here about it! thanks -mk
> Macross has one..the Elint-type valkyrie, and so does
> of
> the German Labors, I think. IN Gundam...I know some of them have some
> capabilities, but I don't know if the two zaku types I know
> of for recon
> also have ECM capabilities.

In Patlabor TV, there are 2 that were showned with ECM capibility, Phantom,
the energy weapon proto-type, and the one of a kind Griffin.

> It's possible for some of Mecha in Gundam to have such
> abilities, but I
> honestly haven't seen a truly dedicated one...

I was under the impression that Minovsky particle dispersement is a more
effective measure than traditional ecm tactict.

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