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>>A more interesting question would be how it got from Side 6 (L4 in UC 0079,
>>L5 in UC 0123) to Side 4 (L5 in UC 0079, L1 in UC 0123). Did it get swapped
>>around as a ho-hum non-attraction over the course of 44 years or did Roy
>>have to call in some favors to get it?
> Roving exhibit? "Come see the MS that nobody talks about! The one
>with all those 90mm holes!" =)

        The model kit manual for the 1/144 Kampfer actually has a
picture of what appears to be a variant in it - the MS-18. Its pea
green, has some sort of skirt protecting the rear thrusters, a whip
antenna on the head, and a different forearm design (looks like some
kind of weapons pod might be stored there) It also has a more angular
look, and might be a command or even limited production version - it has
a slightly more refined, production style look than the normal Kampfer.
I can't read Japanese, so I'm not sure what the story behind it is...


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