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>>Rather strange, wouldn't you think? It would appear that there was only
>>one Kampfer built and that one was trashed by the Alex.
> Why would there be only one Kampfer? After all, it has a
>designation, so it's not likely to be a one-shot design, and there has to be
>prototypes, so one of those could have ended up in the musemum.

If you go to the Air & Space Museum, you'll find that a good number of the
aircraft on exhibit were recovered or restored following a crash or being
shot down. In most cases, the museum exhibit is not functional and, in
many cases, what you're looking at is a composite of several aircraft with
the markings of yet another. (You don't think that every red Fokker D-VII
triplane exhibited at all those different museums actually belonged to the
Red Baron, do you?)

Odds are that the Fed yanked whatever technology they found of interest out
of the Kampfer and put the rest in the museum. A more interesting question
would be how it got from Side 6 (L4 in UC 0079, L5 in UC 0123) to Side 4
(L5 in UC 0079, L1 in UC 0123). Did it get swapped around as a ho-hum
non-attraction over the course of 44 years or did Roy have to call in some
favors to get it?


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