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>> But then again, would the Gouf be as popular if
>> hadn't redesigned it for the new models?

then Edward Ju <> wrote:
> It has been way popular in Asia before the redesign
> of 08th MS Team - just check out the number of true
> labors of love being entered in the modeling
> such as Ora-Zaku... Bandai redesigned it because
> realized that no matter how many Zaku variants you
> have, they are still cannon fodders at the end of
> day. Gouf, on the other hand, belongs to skilled
> pilots who can give hero Gundams a run for their
> money without relying on NewType gimmicks or "Red
> Comet"-type of reputation!

Exactly. Everyone seems to know only Char and Gato,
but fail to notice Gouf aces like Ranba Ral (0079) and
Norris Packard (the 08th MS Team). With Norris at the
helm, the Gouf Custom stole the show out of the
Gundams & fans picked up the much improved HG GC kits
where the original low-grade 0079 Gouf kits failed to
take off.

Colin Liu.
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