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Someone wrote earlier:

>> ... GP01 was designed to be the escort for GP02,
>> that's why it's armed with beam rifle. It's a
>> testiment of how poor Kou's piloting skill that he
>> cannot bag GP02, sort of like a F15 failing to
>> down a FA111 in a close dogfight.

then Edward Ju <> wrote:

> Hmm... what is your source for the claim that the
> GP-01 was designed to be the escort of GP-02A? I've

> never heard of that before.

Neither do I. Both GP01 & GP02 were developed for very
different combat purposes & they do not compliment
each other. Moreover, how can you compare a green
rookie with a ace pilot from the One Year War? If you
have watched 0079 (the original Gundam series) priored
to watching 0083 & know more about the RX-78, I'm sure
you'll understand what a close-combat mobile suit like
GP01 is about.

Colin Liu.
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