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At 11:16 AM 6/8/99 , Edward Ju wrote:
>>Plus, Gundam GP02 is never designed for long range combat against MS.
>>target has always been Capital ships. For that purpose, it only has 2
>>vulcan cannons and 2 Beam saber, both are considered close quarter self
>>defense weapon. GP01 was designed to be the escort for GP02, that's
>>it's armed with beam rifle. It's a testiment of how poor Kou's
>>skill that he cannot bag GP02, sort of like a F15 failing to shoot down
>>FA111 in a close dogfight.
>Hmm... what is your source for the claim that the GP-01 was designed to
>be the escort of GP-02A? I've never heard of that before.

Nothing. It just make sense this way. Why else test GP01 & GP02 in
pairs? GP01 & GP02's effective mission range is about the same, which is
what you would expect for a bomber (GP02) and an escort (GP01).

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