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 It has been way popular in Asia before the redesign of 08th MS Team - just
 check out the number of true labors of love being entered in the modeling
 contests such as Ora-Zaku. People would rather scratchbuild or perform
 heavy modification on existing Zaku kits instead of building a Zaku right
 out of the box. Witness all the cool Gouf modifications in the MG Zaku
 special of Gundam Weapons, too.
 Bandai redesigned it because they realized that no matter how many Zaku
 variants you have, they are still cannon fodders at the end of the day.
 Gouf, on the other hand, belongs to skilled pilots who can give hero Gundams
 a run for their money without relying on NewType gimmicks or "Red Comet"-type
 of reputation!
True, but I must admit personally that it took a while for me to like the
Gouf, but only because of the cannon fingers. Other then that I liked it.


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