Marcel Tualla (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 21:33:56 -0500


Kinda ironic, but the reason why I havn't been contributing to this list lately
or checking into it (last week I down loaded 800 messages) or building any
models, is because I've been TOTALLY addicted to playing Starcraft! I need to
play at least 2 hours a day (inclucluding Battlenet time).

So it's totally cool that this patch is comin' out soon. Gundam-Starcraft... two
of my fav' past times roled into one. AWSOME!

Which brings me to my main topic of forming a Gundam Clan! I'm currently trying
to get hooked up with a Protoss clan (PROTOSS RULE!!!). So i'm wondering if
there is any interest in this.

As well if there are fellow Starcraft players (I can see there are quit a few on
the list), to post there alias names on the list and the time they usually log
on (I live in Toronto so I log in around 7-8pm eastern). So maybe we can all
play some matches with each other!

My alias on Battlenet is "GUNDAM-5" (surprise, surprise!). Hope fully we'll see
you folks there!



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