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<< Ok. The secret word of the day is "Uuuu-Chaka, Wooo-Chuukaa" which roughly
 translates to "We all hate Jar Jar Here." The secret handshake and gestures
 are so secretive that only a select few knows of its existance, and even a
 fewer few knows of its motions and what not.
 I just happen to be lucky that I know all these things... Or do I?
 Y. "Fnord... wait, is that Ford?" Choe
> hey guys, thanks for letting me in your secret club.
> i can keep secrets and learn secret handshakes,
> passwords, and theme songs. again, thanks for letting
> me in your club. -mk
Just to repeat, Jar Jar will NOT be in anymore Star Wars movies according to
George Lucas


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