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> Subject: Re: [WOT] was Re: [gundam] New Turn A episode Summary

> << Not. Out. In. The. Open. I don't care how much you like Lucas or his
> movies, that was crap. The stormtroopers also did not have an Emperor who
> underdeployed troops or handcuffed their ability to wage war properly, >>
> Well Even if the storm troopers are well train They were Fight In a Jungle
> where their enemies probally know more of the terain they did.

That's true. Would have been nice if the movie showed that. After the
first surprise attack the Ewoks basically ran around hooting like Daffy
Duck and cheating death at every turn. I don't care how inept you are,
no rock lobbed at you will knock you down if it hits you in the helmet.
They were in a forest, not a jungle. I know that's quibbling but the
terrain was like Germany, not Viet Nam. And those hairy dwarves didn't
employ anything nasty like pungee sticks or boobytrap bombs or grenades
or snipers or anything like that. Just arrows and rocks. And the
occasional log.

I take that back. Maybe the Emperor didn't force them to fight like
idiots but Lucas sure did to force the plot forward.


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