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> Subject: RE: [WOT] was Re: [gundam] New Turn A episode Summary
> > Just look at Vietnam and see how our ass got kicked by Charlies despite
> > napalm and hitech toys...
> >
> > No wonder people hated the Ewoks, cos they represent the Commies!!!
> Hmm, George Lucas, the closet communist. Ironic, ain't it. Either that or
> you're on something really strong, no offense of course..

If you look at his costume and ship designs he was obviously anti-Nazi (which
isn't a bad thing). He obviously has a real problem with WWII German military
if the Empire's capital ships have design cues from Kriegsmarine ships, the
tie fighters scream like stukas when they fly, the officers have German army
style cuts to them and they employ stormtroopers with helmets that have the
same curves as German helmets. I'm curious how much more obvious he could
have made that.


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