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> Subject: Re: [WOT] was Re: [gundam] New Turn A episode Summary

> >A couple platoons of them with armor should be enough to take care of
> >those Ron Cey-kneed dwarves.
> It just occurred to me that actually the Ewoks kicking Stormtroopers ass
> made a lot of sense despite the major gap in weaponary technology.
> Just look at Vietnam and see how our ass got kicked by Charlies despite
> napalm and hitech toys...

Not. Out. In. The. Open. I don't care how much you like Lucas or his
movies, that was crap. The stormtroopers also did not have an Emperor who
underdeployed troops or handcuffed their ability to wage war properly,
right? It's pretty sad that we won the battles and still managed to lose
the war.

> No wonder people hated the Ewoks, cos they represent the Commies!!!

Ha ha, that's good, like in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Ya, those
damn Ewoks shared everything in those tree villages. Die, godless scum!


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