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>Seiryuu=Qing Long(Green/Blue Dragon), I don't why you put this one as the
Shen Long

As I wrote, ["their" Chinese(?)Reading] because I'm sure that
Japanese-Romanized-Chinese must be somewhat differ from Chinese

...then, how can I jump to the conclusion?
Well, If you're looking at the Kana (Hiragana/Katakana; Japanese Character
Sets) for those KANJIs...they are

Seiryuu/Qing Long ===> CHI-e-N LO-N
SHENLONG Gundam ===> SHI-e-N LO-N

Well, there is a minor different in tonation, but I think it's the same

>As for Shen Long Gundam, in the Chinese GW comic books it is written as
"God Dragon"

As far as I know....that should read "SHIN RYUU Gundam" for Japanese

Y.Choe wrote
>It was discussed previously the meaning of Alto-long (Altron).

Yes, I knew that

>On Alto-Long meaning... It means two headed dragon,

Eh?.... The discussion was finally legitimated by Sunrire/Bandai? (^_-)
But well, that's the closest explanation.

Well, just want to propose an idea (^_^), we can't get any official
conclusion anyway, (like many topics we tried to conclude, eh?)


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