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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Re: [WOT] Star Wars Episode 2 ramblings
> >> And what would be the point of cloning Darth Maul, a Sith Lord proven to
> >> be incompetent?
> >>
> >> Eddie
> >
> >
> >Because an army of Mauls would tear the Jedi Council a new asshole. They
> >don't have to be geniuses, just mean and deadly. I mean, how do you
> >explain the usefulness of stormtroopers then? They're not known for their
> >smarts and they're still effective if you have enough of them.
> Hmmm... so if I clone enough Obiwans, an army of Darth Maul clones would
> still be useless.
> Eddie

Right. So long as they employ the leap-out-of-a-reactor-shaft jump on him
along with force-grab-the-saber-of-their-fallen-Jinn-clone-buddy move and
then split the Maul clones in half.


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