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>>Its just the whole Zaku MG boom suprised me...I had no idea people
>>liked the Zaku so much. I don't mind more OYW MG's as long as they
>>have a little modernizing, but I think a lot of people are really
>>ready for something from CCA or 0080. Talk of a possible MG ZZ Gundam
>>and 100-shiki really made me sit up...I hope they follow through on
>>these, and a MG Rick-Dias kit would be welcome too.

Naw, nobody really likes Zaku's that much(^_^). Personally, I want an MG
Marasai, complete with ballute! I just hope we don't see the MG Galbady-B...

>I will happily buy OYW and MSV MG kits as long as Bandai keeps pumping
>them out. CCA and 0080 have very limited appeal in the sense that
>they are not seen by the biggest possible audience like the TV series.
>As a result, kits based on them will not sell as well as kits based on the
>original TV series. This is evident from the relative lack of selection
>in CCA and 0080 kits (where are the ships and arctic GM/GM Sniper II/
>GunCannon IIs?). The fact that 3 0083 Gundams became MG kits really
>surprised me, but they were probably supported by strong GK sales in the

What I'd really like to see is a new 1/220(diorama scale)series, with just
enough arm articulation to put them in a good pose. Then maybe B-Club could
come out with frighteningly expensive 1/220 ships...

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