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> I've noticed comparing the MG and PG gundams (as well as the Zakus)
>that although they have similar proportions, they differ in the details.

The MGs took more creative license with the details, whereas the newer PGs
attempted to restrain that tendency a bit and be closer to the classic/
original design. As for proportions, I believe the PG Gundam's legs were
way too short.

> Anyway, what I'm getting at is that there seems to be no set,
>ironed out, detailed design for the RX-78 or ZakuII. Its like the simple
>animation model sheet designs are canonical, and whatever else you want to
>do, as long as the proportions are the same, is alright. Anyone else notice
>this? It slightly bugs me that Bandai has left this so vague. Essentially,
>there is no definitive RX-78 gundam. Is this true?

Before the 1/144 HG kit of the RX-78-2 came out, the only "variation" of
the canonical design was the "Real Type" model released in 1/100 scale,
where the Gundam was given a dark color scheme not unlike the Prototype
Gundam (RX-78-1). Kunio Okawara took a lot of creative licenses with the
1/144 HG kit released in the late 80s and that sort of opened the floogate
and allowed Katoki and everyone to make up details as they see fit. The
design of the RX-78-2 Gundam remained pretty much identical to the canonical
version until the MG kit was released, where Bandai used the MG design
whenever they have a chance (in software, in videogames, etc.) and people
were basically encourage to see the MG version as the new standard. I guess
that funky logo at its shoulders got to be too much so the PG version's
design became more conservative and back to the basics.

If you ask me, the definitive RX-78-2 is still the cel-based version.


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