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> Anyway, what I'm getting at is that there seems to be no set,
>ironed out, detailed design for the RX-78 or ZakuII. Its like the simple
>animation model sheet designs are canonical, and whatever else you want to
>do, as long as the proportions are the same, is alright. Anyone else notice
>this? It slightly bugs me that Bandai has left this so vague. Essentially,
>there is no definitive RX-78 gundam. Is this true?

Well, I think there are have been at least 4 different Zaku-II
animated(although I think the PGs are based off the 0083 version). As far
as the RX-78, liberties seem to be taken with every version. Notice how the
hip plates have been articulated ever since the High-Grade? They weren't in
the original design. The RX-87(2) was never designed that way, but that
kind of articulation is now taken for granted. Every new upgrade in kit
complexity seems to call for a redesign of the originals.


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