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> But in the end, the name of that particular Gundam ends up being Nataku, a
> God of thing or rather that Wu-Fei Cheng (the fifth dude, literally. You
> take a look at his surname and you'll know what I mean) calls it through
> the series.

The Nataku is translated as "Ne Zha" in some Chinese subtitled GW OVA and
translated Mangas, It seems to make since to me consider that Wu Fei is of
Chinese decent and "Ne Zha" is a pretty famous mythical figure.

The next bit is a little long....you have been warned.

        To make a long story short, Ne Zha was the 3rd child of a General
name "Li Jing"(who is another mythical figure himself), Supposedlly his
mother was pregnant for 3 years before Ne Zha was finally born as a Huge
Meatball(Literally), Now His father was pretty pissed at his child being some
kind of monster so he took his sword and chopped it half, and guess what out
comes this Sweet Child Ne Zha(He is born with 2 cool artifact, one is a piece
of red cloth).

        Ne Zha, being the third child was pretty much loved by his mom and
stuff(a little spoiled), so one day Ne Zha was playing at the sea and was
washing his little red cloth(which was also use for wearing) and the power of
that cloth was disrupting the flow of the sea, one of the Prince of the
Dragon King came and took a bad-ass attitude torward Ne Zha and they got in
to a fight which Ne Zha won easily and used a piece of the now deceased
Dragon as his belt, so naturally The Dragon King of the East Sea wants
revenge. Now another dimi-god kind of old guy comes along to Ne Zha's parents
claiming that if he took Ne Zha as his pupil then Ne Zha will not be harmed.
So Ne Zha learn some cool tricks and all is cool for a while.

        Anyways to make this thing short eventually the Dragon King was going
to Harm Ne Zha's Parents unless Ne Zha commit suicide, so Ne Zha being the
loveble child he is does exactly that(the original detail is pretty gory
involving him tearing out body organs and stuff). So the old guy being great
as he is resurrected Ne Zha using a kind of Flower(forgot the english word
for it) to construct a new body, and Ne Zha is ressurected as a Brand New bad
ass Punk Kid with cool artifact and magic. There's some other stories
involving his relationship with his father and basically He beats the crap
out of the father as the father was not really kind to him because Ne Zha got
into that Big trouble with the Dragon Kings, and if took some fighting before
they patched up, and another old demi-god guy giving a mini tower to Li
Jing(which he gets his name-sake Tuo-Tai Tian-Wang, which means King who
holds tower) so he can counter Ne Zha.

        Ne Zha is still treated as a god of children in some part of China
today(Now This part really bugs me, since he was pretty much a Rebel, but
Most Chinese parents want their child to be obedient....).

        Ne Zha also shows help in some other myth as in the classic
"Pilgrimage to the West"(aka Monkey King stories...) in which he get his ass
kiced by the Monkey King Son Goku, but become friends later(they're both
rebels of some kind I suppose....).

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