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>Oh yes, this reminded me the discussion topic (long long time ago) for the
>meaning of "SHEN LONG" Gundam
>Few weeks ago I read RUROU NI KENSHIN in SHONEN JUMP (Weekly comic) and
>they mentioned about "SUU SHIN" (4 Guardians)
>Which are
>(*) Eddie, or any Chinese List Members, can you help?
>Japanese Reading their Chinese(?)Reading Meaning
>shi-shin suu-shin 4 (Guardian) Gods
>su-zaku chuu-chya (?) South Guardian (Phoenix?)
>byak-ko pa-huu (pai-huu?) West Guardian (White Tiger)
>sei-ryuu shen-lon (shing-long?) East Guardian (Blue Dragon)
>gen-bu yun-mou (?) North Guardian (some mythical

>So, I'm quite sure that Shen-Long Gundam derived the name for the East
>Guardian .... but well, ...that ALTRON Gundam is still unsolved.


  Yeah... the 4 gods/guardians... Yuu Yuu Hakusho, B'tX, and Fushigi
  Yuugi has it too, I think.

  What Shenglong means? Simple; "dragon god"... If you've seen DBZ...
  The word is in Chinese, I guess in Japanese it would be "Shinryu" or
something like that (good name, huh?)

  Altron? Hmm... it sounds a rather technical term to me...

  Don't forget "Nataku" in the list, I think the Altron Gundam's the
  prototype of the Nataku or something.

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