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> (*) Eddie, or any Chinese List Members, can you help>
> Japanese Reading their Chinese(?)Reading Meaning
> shi-shin suu-shin 4 (Guardian) Gods
> su-zaku chuu-chya (?) South Guardian (Phoenix?)
> byak-ko pa-huu (pai-huu?) West Guardian (White Tiger)
> sei-ryuu shen-lon (shing-long?) East Guardian (Blue Dragon)
> gen-bu yun-mou (?) North Guardian (some mythical
> turtle?)

the four guardians, Si Xiang in chinese, which means 4 Figures(that's bad
translation of it.....) goes like this in chinese(in roman pinyin):
Suzaku=Zhu Que( Red Bird/Phoenix)
Seiryuu=Qing Long(Green/Blue Dragon), I don't why you put this one as the
Shen Long
Gen-bu=Xuan Wu(A mixture of a turtle and a snake/serpent)
Byakko=Bai Hu(White Tiger)

I recalled the directions they represent may be different in chinese
mythology since when one talks about the 4 guardians they always pair Qing
Long/Bai Hu together as a pair and Zhu Que/Xuan Wu as another pair. But I
could be wrong here, I have to dig up a old book for this....but I'm in the
process of moving right now so it's burried somewhere in the boxes....

As for Shen Long Gundam, in the Chinese GW comic books it is written as "God
Dragon" and it is sound and spelled the same as the word in chinese roman
PinYin,(some have said it is Deep Dragon since the sounds for both are the
same, but I think that God Dragon is the right one) and the Altron was
translated as "Twin-Head Dragon" though it does sound like "Er-Tou
Long"(chinese for Two/Twin head dragon), it is not spell the same, but I
still think it is the corrct way.
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