Ranma Saotome (ranma1-2@sonic.net)
Mon, 7 Jun 99 16:24:54 -0800

>For the LM HG EVA, careful drill out the part where the power cable goes
>into the "Gas Pump", then cut a piece of wire from a shirt hander and slide
>that into the cable sleeve that came with the kit. Glue the wire, now
>covered with the rubber sleeve, in place at the end of the "Gas Pump".
>Twist the wire to a certain shape and you can now pose your Eva to do some
>pretty damn cool pose!
>If you can't figure it out, let me know.

I got what you're saying, but I'm gonna go with a softer metal so it's
more posable. Though, I got to admit that was a pretty damn good idea (I
should of thought of that :-) Any tips for the Gundam Models?

    - Ranma Saotome

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