Mark Kuettner (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 10:33:18 PDT

> Anyway, I need to ask the list.. back a few months ago, some pple
>mentioned using technical pens to to the panel lines. <looks around for
>Probe, Edward, -Z- or Mr Zaku.. =)> Can anyone tell me the size of the pen
>best suited to this purpose?
>Lim Jyue

Well, I think those other guys use a disposable micro-pigma pen or
something like that. I have never tried those.

What I use is a Koohinar Rapidograph 0.30 technical pen. It is kinda
pricey, in the $10 range, but it is refillable. I use a black film
ink made by Higgins that is in most art stores and dries with a flat finish
that makes the kit look more scale. Technical pencils with a dark lead also
work good too.

Mark Kai

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